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Germany introduces road toll for foreigners

27.03.2015 | 15:27 Uhr
Germany introduces road toll for foreigners
"Maut" – the German word for road toll. Foreign motorists will soon have to pay for driving on German motorways.Foto: dpa

Berlin.  As of 2016, foreign motorists visiting Germany will have to pay a road toll. We answer the most urgent questions.

All German motorways will soon be subject to a road toll. The German parliament has approved the controversial plan of the ruling coalition. German citizens will also have to pay the toll but the amount is offset by a reduction in car tax. Transport Secretary Alexander Dobrindt wants to introduce the new law at the beginning of 2016. We answer the most pressing questions for motorists visiting Germany.

Which roads are subject to the road toll?

Foreign motorists have to pay a charge when using German motorways. German citizens also have to pay for using the B-roads.

How much is the road toll?

There are several tariffs:

  • Road toll for a whole year will be between 74 and 130 Euros, depending on the size and CO2-emission of the car.
  • There is also ten-day-tariff available which will be between 5 and 15 Euros.
  • The two-month-toll will be between 16 and 30 Euros.

How will the road toll be monitored?

There will be no badges for the car. Instead, the German system will use the licence plate and check it against a database. The gathered data will be erased quickly, the Government promises.

What fines do motorists face if they don't pay the toll?

There will be fines but the Government has yet to decide on the final sum. The fines will also be collected abroad.

Why is the road toll so controversial in Germany?

There are doubts if the German plans are compatible with European law. Many see it as a form of discrimination of foreigners prohibited by EU-law. (dpa/übersetzt von sjb)

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Germany introduces road toll for foreigners
Germany introduces road toll for foreigners
2015-03-27 15:27
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